NewSpace Business Accelerator

NewSpace is an acceleration program that provides technological, industrial and business mentoring and offers seed funding for early stage space startups. Successful NewSpace applicants gain access to close cooperation with major global space tech companies that hunting for promising and innovative technologies.

We are looking for ideas and solutions in space industry to improve, even disrupt current practices through creating more innovation.

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How it works

The program includes 4-month of acceleration program where you'll learn the essentials of building a business around your disruptive idea. Your idea will be refined into a strong sustainable business to be funded and launched.

After the acceleration program, where startups are provided with 100,000 AZN worth of benefits package from different program partners, you will pitch your idea in a Demo Day and the top 3 startups win up to 20,000 AZN seed investment and get a chance to sign a contract with Azercosmos (and other investors), join international technology and innovation exhibitions and Sil.'s 6-month Scale-up program to compete at international stage.

We encourage you to apply with your idea even if you have not started to work on it. We will make sure you make hell a lot of progress during the accelerator program and be ready to rock in the Demo Day.

Selection criteria:

Your solution should

  • comply with the challenges of the accelerator program;
  • be novel and innovative;
  • be business or/and social oriented;
  • promise cheaper, faster and efficient results.

Note: there is no restriction on age for the participants. We believe that great ideas require diversity of all ages, shades and genders.

The structure of the program.

After the announcement of the successful applications, the journey to NewSpace starts:

Step 1: Intensive Bootcamp (1-2 Dec, 2018)

Selected 10 startups in the first batch of NewSpace program, will go through an intensive 2-day Bootcamp to establish solid foundation of their startup. The program includes hands-on training and workshops on 10 essential modules in building a new tech venture.

Step 2: Acceleration Phase (3 Dec, 2018 - 30 Mar, 2019)

The program continues with 16 weeks of acceleration program where the startups will learn essentials of building a business on and around a disruptive tech solution. Through the hands-on workshop series you will learn the most up-to-date tools, techniques and methodologies to validate your idea, define your value proposition and build it into a sustainable business model.

For Accelerator period 10 startups will be provided with AZN 100,000 worth of benefits package:

  • Satellite images and industry data;
  • Technical and technology mentorship, training and insights;
  • Business clinics, training and mentorship;
  • Prototyping and production support;
  • Matchmaking sessions with practitioners, corporate and investors;
  • Marketing, sales and publicity resources;
  • 24/7 available office space + utilities;
  • Other resources.

No matter how brilliant your idea, it is of no use if it doesn't resonate with the end user's needs. You'll learn how to articulate your business model into a perfect pitch and communicate it to your audience clearly. We'll also make sure you have built a working prototype of you product before the Demo Day.

Step 3: Demo Day (4 Apr, 2019)

After 16 weeks of intensive acceleration program, it's time to showcase what you're made of in the Demo Day. In Demo Day startups come together to fight for the seed investment and take their sustainable tech solution to the next level. Lots of fun and excitement! Our Jury of experts will select top 3 startups.

The winning startups in the Demo Day get up to 20.000 AZN:

  • First Place Winner: 10,000 AZN
  • Second Place Winner: 5,000 AZN
  • Third Place Winner: 3,000 AZN

The winners will get a chance to sign contract with investors, join international trade shows and the 6-month of Scale-up program by Sil. to further develop their business and gain access to international network.

On top of all, we ensure that you will have an unforgettable learning journey, you'll gain essential knowledge and hands-on experience of building a sustainable business as part of NewSpace program. Most importantly, lot of fun!


The program kicks of on October and ends on April annually.

15 Oct 2018
22 Nov 2018
27 Nov 2018
1 Dec 2018
30 Mar 2019
4 Apr 2019

15 Oct 2018

Applications Open

Startups submit their applications online at

22 Nov 2018

Applications End

Applications end on 22nd November, 2018 and reviewing process of applications and interviews starts.

27 Nov 2018

Announcements of Selected Startups

Successful applications are announced to enter NewSpace Accelerator.

1 Dec 2018

Acceleration program starts

Selected startups go through an acceleration program by the experts in a physical training sessions for 16 weeks.

30 Mar 2019

Acceleration program ends

Startups finalize the acceleration program with a solid business model, working product (MVP), early traction and a perfect pitch.

4 Apr 2019

Demo Day – Final

Startups pitch their progress and products to the Judges and investors in the Demo Day to compete for the Seed Funding, additional investment and scale-up opportunities!

Got questions? Read Frequently Asked Questions Here.

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