To help you better grasp our needs, the challenges have been subdivided into 3 different categories. If you have an innovative solution that falls into none of the 3 categories, submit your application to the "Open Track". Simply select one of the challenges given below or select Open Track to submit your innovative solution to be the next big thing!

Use satellite images to make a commercial or social impact

Applications in the satellite imagery are currently in the uptrend. Using the satellite imagery provided by the program, new and innovative solutions are expected to be developed with the aim to scale up in the global market. The challenges below represent the main concerns of the interest of the area but are not limited. Thus, we are looking forward to seeing your own creativity to be spoken out.

  • Daily applications -  Details
  • Crop recognition and change detection - Details
  • Object recognition and change detection - Details
  • Boundary tracing (vectorization) solutions -  Details

Build networks and communities of satellite services users

The main aim of user platforms is connecting the different users in one interface to exchange the related information. By doing so, users will get cutting-edge insight from each other and the reliable information from the first hand and can form a new business model. For example:

  • Crop monitoring platform using personal smartphones -  Details
  • Feedback channel for TV broadcasting -  Details
  • A platform connecting antenna technicians -  Details
  • Satellite care - Capacity building games -  Details
  • App for calculating link budget -  Details
  • App for booking occasional usage -  Details

Improve satellite and other control systems

Control, navigation and prediction systems are experiencing the significant rise nowadays.  Planning the mission far before the events occur and managing the flawless mission completion requires solutions providing dedicated and operational continuity. Ideas below light up the new perspectives to that so-called mission phases. Proposed solutions are expected to fulfill the requirements of the following ideas as well as bring around the new ones if any.

  • Orbital events predictions -  Details
  • Satellite conjunction analysis -  Details
  • Chatbots/Expert systems using AI and fuzzy logic -  Details
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS) for Drones,  Software -  Details
  • Autonomuous Security Robot system (ASR), Software -  Details

Bring your ideas to space technologies

Do you have an innovative solution for space industry that falls into none of the challenges given? We extremely recommend submitting your own challenge and its defined solution so that we get ourselves familiar with your potential impulse.

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