Our Story

With its two telecommunication satellites and one earth observation satellite, Azercosmos OJSCo is the first and only satellite operator in the Caucasus region. As the provider of broadband and broadcast services to customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, the company has always considered R&D and innovations as top priority in order to achieve continuous growth by providing more reliable service to its stakeholders.

To support and enable innovations in Azerbaijan, Azercosmos OJSCo and Sil. LLC, a leading innovation center in Baku, Azerbaijan have joined forces together in several international innovation programs which gave solid foundation for a joint accelerator program in the field of space technologies. To enable aspiring entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan and give them access to available resources and opportunities in the space industry NewSpace Business Accelerator was founded.


NewSpace is an acceleration program that provides technological, industrial and business mentoring and offers seed funding for early stage space startups. Successful NewSpace applicants gain access to close cooperation with major global space tech companies that hunting for promising and innovative technologies. For more information, please check our FAQ.

Meet the Team

Our team includes people from across the space technologies, sustainability and innovation ecosystem and features key figures of the tech scene in the region that makes us a dream team for helping impact startups to accelerate.

Jasur Hasanov

Managing Partner

Jasur has founded and running Sil. with ambition to build first unicorn startup born out of Azerbaijan through lifting 50 tech startups annually by 2025. More about him here.

Leyla Taghizade

Academy Partner

With over over 15 years of business management experience and being an impact entrepreneur Dr. Leyla has been role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs. More about Leyla here.

Anar Gasimov

Strategy Partner

Anar has been involved in a various national space projects with major financial investment, long-term time commitment and international partnership. More about Anar here.

Fakhri Babayev

Technology Manager

Fakhri is an engineer with a strong interdisciplinary background, effective organizational management as well as critical thinking and decision-making skills. More about him here.

Zahra Gasimova

PR Manager

Zahra is a young and enthusiastic lady working in a PR service of a national satellite operator. She is also involved in coordination of international student communities. More about Zahra here.

Eldar Gurbanov

R&D Manager

Eldar is an engineer with strong research and development background in computer science and specifically robotics with over 7 years of experience. More about Eldar here.

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